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Villages - Loch Lomond

There are many picturesque villages around the Loch Shores, the most famous village and most stunning is Luss. "Take the High Road" was filmed both at Luss and at Arden Youth Hostel.

Alexandria to the south is the largest town directly adjacent to the Loch, Alexandria, (The Vale of Leven), is infact made up of several villages, Balloch, Jamestown, Bonhill, Tullichewan, Renton and Alexandria itself. The area is sometimes referred to the Vale of Leven, but as the postal address is Alexandria outsiders usually refer to as that, the locals however call it the VALE. (The Beautiful valley where the Leven flows).

Balloch is usually the first stop for many visitors as it is easy to get to both by road and by rail, the mainline from Glasgow stops here

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Loch Lomond Net