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RSPB Scotland at Lomond Shores Balloch

The RSPB Shop for Nature is one of only four in Scotland, and sells a range of wildlife-friendly products, including essentials like bird food and binoculars, but also more unexpected items such as toys, toiletries and even rainforest-friendly chocolate.

Meet the team!

Here’s a word from some of the RSPB Scotland retail staff at our Shop for Nature.

“From seeds to mealworms to suet balls... We sell everything you could possibly imagine to keep the birds full up! All our profits go towards conservation so not only are we keeping the birds and wildlife of Britain happy, we are helping to fund projects all over the world!”

"I adore my role in RSPB Scotland. I know that every penny we earn as a team, goes straight back into conservation saving some of the world’s most wonderful creatures. It allows me to achieve my dreams of making a difference to nature. I specialize in optical equipment such as binoculars and get a real thrill knowing with my assistance people can get that little bit closer to the beauty of nature.”

“I’m Yvonne and I work with RSPB Scotland in Loch Lomond Shores. I love having a job that helps protect what lives around us all. I look after the children’s department. We have both fun and educational toys – our fab Bug Hunter Backpacks are great for family walks!”

“Working at the RSPB has made ‘retail’ vibrant and exciting again for me. I love knowing the advice I give customers helps local wildlife, feeds the birds and saves the rainforest. What a great day’s work “for me, nature and the future”!”

“Working for the RSPB is a learning experience every day, from learning about different types of birds, to the different ways in which the RSPB helps nature. Our Skinny Dipper range is an amazing way of helping nature, as it is all palm oil free, which means good news for the rainforest and its inhabitants such as the Sumatran tiger. It's always good to know you're working for something worthwhile!”

Loch Lomond Shores
Ben Lomond Way
G83 8QL
Telephone: 01389 752538
Loch Lomond Shores
Loch Lomond Shores