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Loch Data

Table 1: Loch Details
Loch Detail
Loch Name Loch Lomond
Country Scotland
Latitude 56:0N
Longitude 4:4W
Altitude [m] 7.9

Table 2: Loch Specification
Surface area [m2] 71,000,000
Volume [m3] 2,600,000,000
Maximum depth [m] 189.9
Mean depth [m] 37
Water level control Regulated
Normal range of annual water level fluctuation [m] 2
Length of shoreline [m] 153,500
Residence time [yr] 1.9
Catchment area [m2] 696,000,000
Hours of bright Sunshine [hr yr-1] 1,374
Freezing period Occasional
Mixing type Monomictic
Population 12,218
Population density of catchment area [person km-2] 17.6

Table 3: Water Usage
Water Usage Types Water Used
Domestic water usage [m3 sec-1] 3
Industrial water usage [m3 sec-1] 1


Table 4: Land Use
Land Use Land Used
Natural landscape [%] 80.2
Agricultural land [%] 16.7
Others [%] 3.1

Table 5: Toxins
Siltation None
Toxic Contamination None
Eutrophication None
Acidification None


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