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"The Long Island"

Ownership: Private

Height: 25 Meters

Length: 1.35 Kilometers

Illicit whisky stills have long had a reputation around the Loch, after the arrival of a Government cuter in the mid nineteenth century this ended the trade. Inchfad however became the home of a registered distillery. You can still see the ruins on the island to this day, Inchfad distillery was run by an ancestor of the MacFarlanes of Balmaha who today run the island mail service and boat yard. A canal was built to minimize the distance that the raw materials for the whisky had to be man handled, the canal has recently been re-furbished and is approximately 1/4 mile long. There are two houses on Inchfad, a modernized bungalow which served as the original farmhouse and a wooden house used as a holiday home.