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Islands - Loch Lomond

There is some debate as to the number of islands on Loch Lomond, as there are varying arguments as to what constitutes an island.

With the exception of Inchcailloch, Bucinch and Ceardach all are privately owned. Inchcailloch is owned and managed by Scottish Natural Heritage as part of the National Nature Reserve whilst Bucinch and Ceardach are the property of the National Trust for Scotland. Public access to these islands owned by the National Heritage and National Trust is free, but in the interests of wildlife, dogs should not be taken onto the islands.

Many of the islands are designated " Sites of Special Scientific Interest" and are important havens for wildlife, especially throughout the summer. Balmaha Boat Yard offers a ferry service and Mail boat, a regular service is available in the summer months.

Dogs are not allowed on most of the islands and are strenuously discouraged from April to August as there are a large number of ground nesting birds on the islands.

A 6 mph speed limit operates to 150 meters from the shore, additionally this extends to around the area bordered by Inchtavannach, Inchconnachan, Inchmoan, the Bucinch and Inchruin. For more details please see the Loch Lomond Byelaws.

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