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Cruises Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Net
Loch Lomond Net

Queen Victoria ~ on having cruised Loch Lomond
On 'The Prince Consort' Steamer, wrote in her diary:
'How dearest Albert would have enjoyed it....'

Boating on Loch Lomond, known as the “Queen of Scottish Lochs” has always been a tradition and what better way to see the beauty of Loch Lomond side than from the water by boat. If you do not have your own watercraft there are a variety of options available from speedboats to cruisers.

Cruises take in the panoramic glories of nature around the Loch; the Arklet waterfalls, Rob Roy MacGregor's cave and the Loch Sloy Hydroelectric Scheme. Take time to learn about the fascinating history of the area, including the clan feuds of the McFarlane’s and McGregor’s. And keep your eyes and ears open for deer and wild mountain goats on the hills, as well as birds of prey in the sky.

If you cruise up Loch Lomond from Tarbet towards Ardlui you will pass a small island called Honeymoon Island. It is reputed that in bygone days newly married couples would be left on this wee island for several days. If they were still speaking at the end then they were indeed suited to be married. Moving further up towards Ardlui, you will also pass Pulpit Rock where popular sermons were held. Excavations done in the early 1800s revealed that there was a lot of activity at Pulpit Rock, although it is said that more of the congregation was behind the rock where bread, cheese and whiskey was for sale than being at the front listening to the Minister.

Mesmerising thoughts of years gone by as you enjoy the tranquillity of the famous “Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond.