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There are now only three official Public slipways, one is located at Mallarochy Bay, near Balmaha on the East coast of the Loch. The others are located in at Balloch at the Southern end of the Loch. All slipways are free at the present time but this is likely to change in the near future.

There are also numerous other accesses to the Loch some private and some illegal, most however are now limited in some way. Caravans sites, boat yards & marina tend to have there own slips and most can be used either for a small fee or as part of your accommodation.

The slipway is run by the Park Authority and the ranger service. The slipway closes at 10pm but offer secure parking and chain down points for your trailevr. The are jetties for getting passengers on and off and the slipway offers deep water for Bigger boats. Access to the slipway is made from Balloch Road on the west side of the River and is located next to the "Maid of the Loch" Paddle Steamer". This is the most secure for overnight parking of cars and trailers.

The building next to the slip is the new headquarters of the water borne rangers and you can also register your boat here.

The Balloch slipway can be very busy, unfortunately the design is extremely poor , and if you have a large boat I would not recommend it. The road down to the slipway is found from the Moss O Balloch, the road is narrow and twisty. Quite often you will get to the bottom to find the access blocked by boat trailers. The slipway is not manned by the Park Authority, and it is not un-common for tempers to get frayed due to others being un-considerate. Although Jet-Bikes can slip here I would not recommend this as there is a 6MPH speed limit in the river to 150 meters from the mouth of the river.. there is a good chance if the engine is cold that the plugs will foul before getting onto the Loch.

Mallarochy can also be busy especially at the weekends, this is the most popular slipway for Jet-Bikes, the Eastern end of the Loch is somewhat windier and is also frequented by Wind Surfers and the Loch Lomond Sailing Club. The Slipway as you can see runs onto the shore and can be quite shallow, I would recommend a tow bar extension. This slipway is manned by the Park Authority, they will check your registration and also limit cars accessing the shore. There is a speed limit of 6MPH to 150 meters off shore but it is open water. The road to Balmaha can be quite busy on holidays and weekends with day trippers.